Robor Gives Back

In 2012 Robor agreed to erect a community hall for the community of Goqo Residence at the request of the Ulundi Local Municipality. Robor erected a steel structure during 2013, but once the steel structure had been erected it became clear that the structure alone would not be usable by the community nor service the community’s full needs. Robor then decided to build a complete building around the structure and also ensured that essential services were also provided to the community.

Robor contracted with Gonal Construction to build the hall during 2014, with contributions also being made by: Kansai Plascon, PPC, Jo-Jo Tanks and the Ulundi Municipality. The official handover of the building to the community by Mangosuthu Buthelezi took place on 10th December 2014.

Other SED Contributions

Robor has invested in a number of other socio-economic projects over the past years, most of these investments have been in education through bursaries and sponsoring schools within the area where Robor operates.  Robor assisted Cotlands financially and with additional learning programmes from 2012 to 2014.
Furthermore, Robor makes substantial contributions to underprivileged children, the aged and various charity organisations that do excellent work within our community.
Robor employees raised an amount of  R5 000 for the Kempton Park SPCA in December 2014.