SAISC Commentary October 2018

The SAISC will be holding its AGM on the 7th of November where we will be saying goodbye to Kobus de Beer our SAISC industry executive, Chairman, POLASA secretariat (the list goes on). Kobus has worked tirelessly for the benefit of South African Steel industry. Please join us if you can or send a message for Kobus by clicking here. We hope to keep him close as he has many decades of experience which I am sure he would be willing to share.

As we get close to the end of the year and each and every one of us is planning for the next, trying to make sense of the year we have just gone through, the SAISC would appreciate your input. We have just reviewed our strategy for the next six months and we hope to add more value to our members. Please keep an eye out for the annual report and give the strategic plan a read through.

For those of you who are not in favour of reading through long documents the idea is to be proactive and positive, focus on competitiveness, grow the “market”, substitute imports and grow exports. Sounds easy, I know.

I was recently at the Mandela Mining Precinct where a competition was launched to create a new innovative rock drill which is manufactured entirely in South Africa. The SAISC and its members should work with other industries to assist in their localization and innovation projects and we should think about introducing similar competitions of our own.  ( )

On the education front we are planning on bringing Spencer back to lecture the famous “SAISC estimating course”. If you are interested please get in touch with us so we can make sure you receive the invite for early next year.

Paolo Trinchero
CEO, Southern African Institute of Steel Construction