Steel Construction Journal VOL. 39 NO. 1 2015

VOL. 39 NO. 1 2015
Focus: Exposed architectural steelwork

In this issue:

Contents & Acting Editor’s Note
SAISC COMMENT: 2015 challenges and opportunities
INDUSTRY NEWS: Industry news in brief
POLASA: Reducing the cost of power line construction by 20% – a pipe dream or reality
New Generation: SAISC funds student prizes
SASFA – Light steel frame building soaring to higher levels, The Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory

Architectural Steelwork Exposed!
Additions to Eduplex High School
The S.E.E.D.
The Last Glass House
New Military Health Depot
Lucky Bread Company
UP/CSA: Indoor Centre of Excellence

TECHNICAL: SA Fabricators – Are we no longer productive and competitive? Part 1
SAISC NEWS: Steel Awards 2015: Call for nominations
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