Sustainability Week CSIR

Thought leaders, policy makers, practitioners and producers within the country and beyond will share their knowledge at Sustainability Week, hosted by alive2green from 23 to 28 June 2015 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria. The programme boasts an impressive 14 seminars which offer excellent opportunities for various stakeholders to share their ideas.

A foretaste of some of the seminars
African capital cities sustainability forum: This forum will explore various opportunities to address the sustainability imperative arising from the current and numerous challenges African cities face. African cities can reach high levels of quality urban life when supported by appropriate policies, design ingenuity, innovation, technical proficiency, robust implementation mechanisms and adequate infrastructural investments.

Green Building Conference: Green Buildings is rapidly becoming the norm for new large building projects. New design strategies, building materials and approaches are contributing to an ever more innovative and rapidly changing environment. This year’s ninth annual Green Building Conference will share the latest thinking, perspectives, case studies and projects as they unfold.

Transport and mobility seminar: The transport sector needs constant maintenance, upgrading, and rolling out of new roads, which ultimately affects communities and the biosphere in profound ways. A key strategy to reduce these impacts is to invest in rail infrastructure and to create the economic conditions to entice appropriate freight to move from truck to rail. Projects to connect African countries can pave the way for much greater Africa-to-Africa trade, bolstering African industries and creating employment.

Sustainability in mining seminar: Mining is South Africa’s most important sector, employing hundreds of thousands of workers. Mining IQ mentions that the mining industry contributes an average of 20% to South Africa’s GDP and boasts a total annual income exceeding R330 billion. Mining and all extractive industries have a heavy impact on communities and the environment, but not all mines are planned, run, and decommissioned in the same manner.

Green manufacturing and supply chain seminar: Companies will compare experiences and best practice in finding ways to localise manufacturing along the supply chain, seek out energy, water and waste efficiencies, protect communities and the environment, and compete locally and internationally.

Sustainable infrastructure seminar: A sustainable society and economy must rely on infrastructure that supports it. Reducing the environmental impact of the built environment can ultimately only be advanced through infrastructure.

Other seminars include Green business, Water resource, Vision zero waste, Sustainable energy and Food security. For more information on Sustainability Week, visit