It’s no secret, we love steel. Here’s why we think you should too:


Steel provides an elegant and cost-effective solution, making architects or developers’ visions a reality within budget. 

Time saved in construction often has a direct and positive financial consequence for building owners. However, taking shortcuts with substandard building materials can cause big problems. Steel provides a strong, reliable, fast-track solution, ready to erect/ install and detail onsite – making a fast turnaround time possible.  An excellent example of this is the Mr Price Warehouse, winner of the 2017 Steel Awards Factory and Warehouse category. The entire structure was erected within 90 days. 

Far from being just utilitarian, steel is highly sought after by Architects and Developers for its aesthetic appeal. For some great examples of the clean lines, visual impact, and unparalleled beauty of steel take a look at the Architectural category in the Featured Steel Construction Projects  section on our home page

A classic example of the adaptability of steel is the Granger Bay Demountable Parking Lot, submitted for Steel Awards 2017. While currently a temporary parking structure, the smart design, fabrication, and installation process means that it can be disassembled and reassembled at another location… or perhaps repurposed entirely as the shell of an office structure. An innovative solution, made possible by the adaptable nature of steel.

Steel stands the test of time. 

As a material that is infinitely recyclable, Steel is the ultimate construction material when it comes to sustainability.