Associate Corporate Member

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Application & Declaration

1. I/we subscribe to the mission and objectives of the Institute.
2. I/we subscribe to the code of ethics of the Institute.
3. I/we understand and accept that the management of the Institute is empowered to accept or reject my/our application, or to cancel my/our membership should I/we either be judged to be in contravention of the code of ethics or fail to pay our membership subscriptions.
4. The enclosed questionnaire has been accurately completed and no information which might affect my/our application has been withheld.

***Application will only be considered if the following is attached:
• Copy of company registration document and ISO certificate(s)
• Copy of company representative’s ID/ ECSA certificate

Company Details
Company Information
Nominated representative of company
Company's Activities & History
Principal Officers

Managing Director

Technical Manager

Works Manager

QA Manager

Marketing Manager

HR Manager


Other people in the company who may deal with the Institute from time to time:


Quality Assurance

Services and Products

Product / Service Information - Indicate the products/services supplied by the company:

Attach any available brochures on the company and its products / services