Key Activities

Key Activities

The SAISC engages in a number of activities to support the growth, development, and competitiveness of the steel construction industry. These activities encompass market development, education, technology, and the provision of member services.

Market Development

The SAISC recognises the vital importance of market development in expanding the reach and impact of the steel construction industry. To achieve this, the SAISC conducts research to improve the effectiveness of steel construction techniques and products. Regular communication and engagement with potential clients and professionals are maintained to foster stronger relationships and identify opportunities. The SAISC actively promotes the image of the industry and undertakes individual projects that require steel input.


The availability of well-trained manpower and specialised skills is critical for the continued growth and development of the steel construction industry. Recognising this, the SAISC places a strong emphasis on education. By investing in education and training, the SAISC aims to nurture a skilled workforce and enhance the industry’s competitiveness.


The SAISC is committed to advancing the technological capabilities of the steel construction industry. This involves providing design aids, such as the Steel Construction Handbook (Red Book), to assist designers in their work.

The SAISC also works to ensure that South African codes and specifications for steelwork design and construction align with international standards. Embracing information technology is another focus area for the SAISC, as it recognises the transformative potential of digital tools and processes. Furthermore, the SAISC addresses contractual issues, including measurement and escalation, to provide clarity and guidance to industry stakeholders.

Member Services

The SAISC places a strong emphasis on providing valuable services to its members. This includes access to resources, networking opportunities, industry updates, and support. The SAISC strives to create a community where members are able to collaborate, share knowledge, and stay informed about the latest developments in the steel construction industry. By facilitating member engagement and providing relevant services, the SAISC contributes to the professional growth and success of its members.

Through these activities in market development, education, technology, and member services, the SAISC actively works towards advancing the Southern African steel construction industry. By addressing key areas of focus, the SAISC aims to drive growth, promote innovation, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.

Forum for Debate

The SAISC also acts as a forum for discussion of issues of importance to the industry from time to time, allowing decisions to be taken for action to improve the business environment.

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