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Serving the industry for over 65 years.

The Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) is the sole technical and advisory organisation in Africa, serving the steel Industry since 1956 and dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of steel in the construction industry. With its comprehensive expertise and industry knowledge, the SAISC plays a vital role in advancing the understanding, application, and best practices related to steel construction across the region.

Our Mission

The SAISC has a clear and focused mission, which is to develop, promote, and sustain the health and wealth of the steel construction industry in Southern Africa. This mission statement serves as a guiding principle for all the activities and initiatives undertaken by the SAISC.

Our Membership

The SAISC boasts a membership roster of 459 members, representing a wide range of disciplines within the South African steel and steel construction industry. These members encompass various sectors and roles, spanning from design and production to construction. There are five categories of membership:

1. Steel Producer/Mill Membership

For companies that are members of the SA Iron and Steel Institute.

2. Steelwork Contractor Membership

For fabricators and erectors of structural steel.

3. Associate Corporate Membership

For companies and organisations with an interest in structural steel such as converters/manufacturers of steel products, steel merchants and services centres, consulting engineers, detailers, project managers, and suppliers of goods and services to the industry.

4. Professional Individual Membership

For structural engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and project managers who are proficient in structural steel design or construction.

5. Associate Individual Membership

For any person not qualifying for Professional Membership.

Our Objectives

The SAISC is driven by a set of clear objectives that guide its activities and initiatives. These objectives are designed to support the growth, development, and competitiveness of the steel and steel construction industry, both domestically and internationally.
The key objectives of the SAISC are as follows:

To improve market share and turnover:

The SAISC aims to enhance the market share and financial performance of the steel and steel construction industry. This is achieved through strategic promotion and advocacy efforts which highlight the benefits, advantages, and applications of steel in various markets. By increasing awareness and demand for steel construction, the SAISC contributes to the growth and success of industry stakeholders.

To maintain and develop a favourable business environment:

The SAISC is committed to creating a conducive business environment for the steel and steel construction industry. This includes advocating for supportive policies, regulations, and standards which facilitate the smooth operation and growth of businesses within the industry. By working closely with government bodies, regulatory agencies, and industry associations, the SAISC ensures that the interests of its members are represented and protected.

A focus on increased capability, improved productivity, and competitiveness:

The SAISC recognises the importance of continuous improvement and competitiveness in the steel and steel construction industry. To achieve this, the SAISC promotes the development of enhanced capabilities, improved products, and increased productivity within the industry. By investing in research and development, fostering innovation, and providing training and education opportunities, the SAISC helps its members gain a competitive advantage in local and international markets.

To utilise cutting-edge technology in design and construction:

The SAISC harnesses the combined resources of the institute and the industry to promote and develop cutting-edge technology in the design and construction of steel structures. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, the SAISC enables its members to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. This includes embracing digitalisation, automation, and advanced engineering practices to optimise efficiency and quality in steel construction projects.

In closing, the SAISC’s objectives revolve around market growth, a favourable and positive business environment, enhanced capabilities, and the utilisation of cutting-edge technology. By pursuing these objectives, the SAISC contributes to the long- term success and competitiveness of the steel and steel construction industry in South Africa and beyond.

Our Team

The SAISC management team, supporting team and board members have a wealth of qualifications and professional experience that enable us to deliver value to our members. Full a full list of our team, Click Here.