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Project Overview

The Qurtaba School group requested that their amphitheatre area be shaded so that students using the area be protected from the sun during assemblies and lunch breaks. The client noted that the structures needed to be as light as possible and were not to take away from the main building structure architecture. Furthermore, the shading structure was not to distract from the visibility of the field and main paved area in front of the amphitheatre.

Project Details
The main challenges faced in the design and construction of these umbrellas were as follows: - Visibility and shading underneath structures The first challenge was to create a structure with as few columns as possible. The umbrella form was chosen as it was the most aesthetically appealing option that had minimal structure beneath it. Shading below the structure was maximised by ensuring that the various umbrella structures were located as close to one another as possible such that their shadows overlap. - Material Choice Since the structure needed to be as thin as possible whilst still allowing for a maximum span, steel was chosen as the preferred material. Steel allowed for easy installation and transport given the short construction period that was allocated for the works. - Cantilever Lengths The arm lengths were essential to create and maximise shading beneath the structures. A propped cantilever design was therefore adopted that allowed the team to achieve large spans with smaller member sizes. - Rolling of sections into desired shape Each arm of the umbrella needed to be rolled in such a way that the form resembles a flower like structure. Rolling of these tubular sections was no easy take given the length of the members. - Uplift and wind considerations and foundation misalignment. The structure needed to be able to withstand windloading given that it was to be built in an open and unprotected area. The structure was bolted down to a heavy base capable of providing anchorage against uplift forces.