Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

All members of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) go through a comprehensive application process and commit to our code of ethics, agreeing to conduct themselves in a way that is:


Preserve the honour, integrity, dignity and good name of the Institute.


Promote and advance the objectives of the Institute.


Display professionalism, competence and ethics in terms of all actions and business dealings.


Treat clients, associates and suppliers with fairness, respect and courtesy and foster good relations with them.


Act in the interests of the public by actively contributing to public health and safety and to the protection of the environment.


Carry on business without causing harm other than by fair commercial competitive practices.


Timeously bring all cases of unethical conduct by other members to the attention of the Institute.


Make a concerted effort to participate in Institute affairs and programmes practices.


Contribute towards the development of the structural steel industry with regard to technology, education and training.

Law Abiding

Obey the laws of any country in which they are operating and observe accepted customs, codes and business practices.


Protect the interests and confidentiality of their clients and suppliers and not disclose any information regarding business affairs, trading secrets, technical methods or processes.


Accept the authority of the board of directors of the Institute in handling disciplinary measures as a result of a breach of any terms of this code of ethics.

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