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Membership Application & Declaration
  • The applicant has a sound foundation, in terms of education, training and experience, on site and in the design office.
  • Professional registration with ECSA/other statutory councils for at least seven years.
  • At least five years of work experience specifically related to steelwork.
  • For any person who does not qualify for Professional Membership, but wants to be associated SAISC

1. I subscribe to the Mission and Objectives of the Institute.
2. I subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Institute.
3. I understand and accept that the management of the Institute is empowered to accept or reject my application, or to cancel my membership should I either be judged to be in contravention of the code of ethics or fail to pay our membership subscriptions.
4. The enclosed application form has been accurately completed and no information which might affect my application has been withheld.

Information Supporting Individual Membership Application

If you selected "Educationalist" please also mark another block to indicate your area of focus.

Contact Information

Employers Information


List all degrees and diplomas, with institution and date of award
List five of the projects you have been involved with during the last 5 years
1st Project
2nd Project
3rd Project
4th Project
5th Project


The SAISC is free to phone the following individuals, who know the applicant, to obtain references in terms of character and capability
1st Reference
2nd Reference
3rd Reference
4th Reference

Endorsement by a suitably qualified, independent person who is a member of the SAISC

• I am familiar with the applicant, and am of the opinion that I can express a judgement about his/her proficiency in the area of steel construction.
• In my opinion the applicant is a reputable person, and is satisfactorily proficient to practice his/her profession in the area of steel construction marked under 1. Information Supporting Individual Membership Application.