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Marketing matters! Why you should consider using Youtube for business

According to the SA Social Media Landscape 2019 report released by World Wide Worx and media monitoring organisation Ornico, social media usage in South Africa is displaying unprecedented growth.

While skeptics may view social media purely as the domain of “selfies” it has the potential to be a valuable business tool if used correctly. In this edition of Marketing Matters, we’ll be taking a closer look at YouTube, and how your organisation can use the platform effectively.

Why use Youtube?

Currently, there are approximately 9 million active YouTube users in South Africa. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine the storytelling capability of video. Well planned video content that aligns with your business objectives can be a great way of promoting your business to potential customers and increasing your visibility within the market.

Creating a YouTube channel and populating it with well thought out, quality content provides potential and existing customers with reassurance on why they should do business with you. Yes, it does take time (and financial) investment to set up, but the content can have a long life span and act as your digital showcase.

Content creation

Think about the outcome you want before you hit the record button. Poorly planned video content without a clear objective is a recipe for disaster. Think about why you are creating the content, for who, and what action you want the viewer to take. Do you want them to visit your website? Request a quote? Sign up for a newsletter? Make sure your video content has a clear call to action.

Make your content compelling for the viewer. Your video content should be created with a specific target audience in mind.  Audiences do sometimes overlap, for example, content that an engineer may find interesting may also appeal to an architect. However, if you are able to identify what would grab your ideal viewer’s attention, you will be able to craft video content that engages your audience.

The technical details that matter

Interestingly, viewers will forgive you more readily for poor picture quality than they will for poor sound quality. Ideally, of course, you do need both elements in order to create a watchable video that people will find value in, and will want to share.
If you’re considering embarking on creating a YouTube channel for your company and would like some tips or assistance with content creation, the SAISC is here to help. Schedule a 30-minute consultation at our offices and we’ll help you get started, and provide some suggestions on how to approach content creation going forward. Further content strategy planning and video content creation is available to SAISC Members at a competitive market rate. 

Be sure to visit The SAISC Youtube Channel – , and subscribe to keep an eye on the kind of content we’re producing for the steel construction community!