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The significance of a colour’s name

All producers of colour-coated coil offer a standard range of colours the names of which may be unique to the producer mill or generic such as red, blue, yellow, listed in a national standard e.g. SANS 1091 or other internationally recognised standards such as RAL and Pantone. Most producers that offer warrantees/guarantees against branded or trademarked products use names exclusive to their brands as a means to differentiate their coating systems from those of competitors, albeit the same colour. In the past consumers could specify a colour and expect to receive a particular coating system.

Regrettably, there are a number of unscrupulous profilers who import coil with a different, invariably inferior, coating system, but with colours matching the trademarked products and then selling them into the market using the same colour names. Unsuspecting consumers only discover the subterfuge when the coating ages or fails prematurely and that the coating system supplied carries no warranty.

Fortunately, some producer mills have previously trademark registered the names of their colours and have begun instituting infringement proceedings against the perpetrators.

In order to ensure you are getting the coating system you require we recommend that you specify the trademarked system plus the related colour when purchasing colour-coated cladding. Furthermore insist on a written warrantee or guarantee issued by the coil producing mill.

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