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Global Roofing Solutions: Delivering the exceptional – and taking it to new heights

Global Roofing Solutions (GRS) excels at innovation, devising swift and safe roofing, cladding and decking solutions, exceeding the expectations of project developers, architects, engineers, and other customers across a broad cross-section of industry: from the commercial, industrial, and warehousing sectors to mining, agriculture, and residential housing.

Stronger than ever

Established in 1958, and delivering unique products and services which have defined – and continue to define – the local roofing sector, GRS has emerged stronger than ever from business and pandemic-related challenges in 2020. The award-winning manufacturer has a footprint of 11 branches across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, providing clients with an extensive range of high-quality products.

Andrew Winter, CEO Global Roofing Solutions

Quality, integrity and industry ‘firsts’

Commenting on the company’s upward business trajectory, CEO Andrew Winter highlights how its 65-year track record of innovation, quality, and integrity has positioned GRS as a sector leader. The business was borne out of two iconic South African roofing brands – Brownbuilt and HH Robertson – making it one of the largest metal roofing manufacturers in South Africa.

“As leaders in world-class roofing, decking and cladding solutions, Global Roofing Solutions has a proud history as the trusted South African roofing brand. We are also known as dynamic innovators of a locally-researched and developed product portfolio – featuring many industry ‘firsts’.

More recently, the business has overcome many challenges, emerging in a stronger-than-ever position with the support of loyal customers and staff – as well as third party investors – thanks to whom we are now firmly on our current, dynamic growth trajectory,” Winter explains.

Guaranteed product quality

Chief Operating Officer Gert Dercksen says what has made the business a top brand is its specialised technical expertise, which enables it to engage in research and development to provide high-quality solutions, at the right price, for every roofing, cladding, and decking requirement in the industry.

“We were among the first to issue product and installation guarantees to customers, provided products are installed by GRS-approved contractors who meet our quality standards and specifications. We have a proud history of quality and stand by our guarantees, without question,” he points out.

The Klip-Tite distinctive transverse pan stiffener

Innovating for customers’ peace of mind

Head of Business Development Johan van der Westhuizen says customers favour GRS’s four flagship products: Klip-Tite, Bond-Dek, Bond-Lok and QC Flooring Solutions, because of their value for money, quality, and safety features. “Our Klip-Tite products are distinctive transverse pan stiffeners, providing superior wind uplift resistance as the pans are prevented from bowing upwards – remaining flat when storm winds blow over the roof. This ensures water run-off capacity is not affected,” he explains.

Furthermore, robust mobile mills produce roof sheeting on site, elevating it to roof height, and thereby ensuring fast and effective installation.

He adds that because Bond-Dek, Bond-Lok and QC Flooring are permanent shuttering composite steel flooring systems, the need for temporary formwork is eliminated, providing for fast and simple, cost-saving construction.

“Bond-Dek’s 900mm wide panel width and unique side-lap interlocking ensures the fastest erection speed of all steel decking products. QC flooring’s soffit forms the finished ceiling without the need for plastering – again saving time and labour costs. All three products are also fire-tested by the CSIR and qualified for a rating of 120 minutes,” he explains.

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The Orion multifunctional roof ventilator is also a widely-used product – a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system designed to extract smoke from the interior of a building through automatically operated, roof-mounted ventilators. It provides daily ventilation, and acts as a natural smoke exhaust in case of fire, meets the EN 1201-2 EU standard and is CE- (Conformité Européenne) certified.

Growing with our partners

Winter adds that GRS highly values the trust it has shared with its staff, customers and industry professionals over the years.

“We thank all our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders for their unwavering faith in our expertise and ability to ‘deliver the exceptional’. We look forward to enjoying a mutually beneficial and successful partnership moving forward, upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity in our professional services to the construction industry,” Winter concludes.

Global Roofing Solutions: Leading the way with industry ‘firsts’
  • 1964 | Introduced first Brownbuilt concealed fixed roofing profile in South Africa
  • 1969 | Produced the first embossing feature on sheeting
  • 1977 | First Brownbuilt mobile mill introduced to produce sheets on site
  • 1980 | Bond-Lok composite decking introduced
  • 1988 | High yield ductile steel profile Klip-Lok 406 introduced
  • 1997 | Wide cover Klip-Lok 700 launched
  • 2013 | Introduced latest technology Klip-Tite profile
  • 2016 Launched new KL700 Plus Clip for Klip-Tite and Klip-Lok
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