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Project Team Zoom Interview Case Study
Project Summary Case Study
Steel Profiles Used
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  • Tonnage
Metal Cladding and Roofing Overview
  • Date of Cladding Completion
  • Material Used
    Zincal® AZ 150, Grade G550 (Safal Steel)
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Project Overview

Hydro Bridge: Channel bridge spanning 30m over valley. Not accessible for lifting equipment. All elements to be designed to be lifted and installed manually or with makeshift pulley systems.

Turbine Rotator: Rotator structure to assist with tilting turbine of 35T. Accuracy of holes etc. crucial

Hydro Plant: PEB design – basic portal frame design with 14.5m clear span. 35t overhead gantry at 10m. Frame designed to withstand crane loads. Mezzanine Floor for storage.

Channel Bridge: Bridge channel of 2x2x2m, spanning 30m over valley. Bridge supported by 2 sets of internal lattice
column structures. Steel bridge to concrete channel interface crucial.

Project Details
Very Remote Site: • Detailed logistical planning • Route planning Site Conditions: • Blasting of hard rock • Additional site security Lifting Equipment: • Design of smaller items with more bolted connections • Use of manual makeshift pulley systems Accuracy of Turbine Rotator: • Pre-assembly in shop • Crated and air freighted
Benefits of Steel in this Application

• Speed of construction of steel
• Easy of construction
• Environmentally friendly
• Span capabilities on Steel water channel