Project Type
Project Team Zoom Interview Case Study
Project Summary Case Study
Steel Profiles Used
  • Date of Steelwork Completion
  • Tonnage
  • Hot Rolled Structural Sections
    Universal Beams (I Sections)
  • Plates
    Commercial Quality & EN S355JR Structural Plates
  • Tubes and Pipes
    Structural Tubes & Hollow Sections – Rectangular, Structural Tubes & Hollow Sections - Square
Metal Cladding and Roofing Overview
  • Other Materials Used
    Main Structure: 150x150x4 SHS200x200x10 SHS 203x133x25 I Pergola: 76x76x3,0 SHS 76x38x3,0 RHS 76x50x3,0 RHS Feature Columns: Flat Plate: 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm
Project Overview

This showcase of technical prowess of steel in its distinctive feature columns, fashioned from diverse flat plate dimensions and angles, stand as a testament to steel's engineering capabilities. The technical and functional aspects of steel in modern construction demonstrates how this material can elevate both aesthetics and engineering efficiency.

Project Details
These columns exemplify precise structural analysis, seamlessly merging visual appeal with robust load-bearing capacity. Integrated seamlessly with cantilevered slabs and steel screens, they highlight the successful collaboration of engineering principles.
Steel's adaptability is evident not only in these columns but also in screens, pergolas, and posts. This versatility allows for functional integration while maintaining a coherent design language. Furthermore, the project's focus on recycling and cost-efficiency underscores steel's practical advantages.
• Access & working space • High quality finish on the feature columns • Concrete base cast at incorrect level
Benefits of Steel in this Application

• Lightweight & slender
• Cheaper than concrete
• Faster installation
• Aesthetical preference