Project Type
Project Team Zoom Interview Case Study
Project Summary Case Study
Steel Profiles Used
  • Date of Steelwork Completion
  • Tonnage
Metal Cladding and Roofing Overview
  • Date of Cladding Completion
  • Cladding Tonnage
  • Cladding Area Coverage (m2)
Project Details
Equipment Integration • Full BIM coordination and integration to ensure all equipment fits to structure • Language barriers Logistics • Detailed planning and load sequencing of cargo with client and erection team on site • Accurate packing lists Site Erection • Professional Structural engineering on site with more than 40 years experience • Knowledge transfer to local teams
Benefits of Steel in this Application

• Concrete extremely expensive – limited to
a minimum for foundations
• Speed of construction of steel
• Easy of construction
• Life expectancy of hot dipped galvanized
• Environmentally friendly