Project Type
Project Team Zoom Interview Case Study
Project Summary Case Study
Steel Profiles Used
  • Date of Steelwork Completion
  • Tonnage
  • Hot Rolled Structural Sections
    Universal Beams (I Sections), Universal Columns (H Sections), Equal Angles
  • Plates
    Hardwearing and Abrasion Resistant Plates
  • Tubes and Pipes
    Structural Tubes & Hollow Sections – Round
Metal Cladding and Roofing Overview
  • Date of Cladding Completion
  • Other Materials Used
    IBR686 – 0.58 and 0.8mm and Polycarb Translucent sheeting
  • Cladding Profile
    IBR 686 - Pierced Fix (Global Roofing Solutions)
  • Cladding Tonnage
  • Cladding Area Coverage (m2)
Project Overview

This project nomination is currently being completed and reviewed for Steel Awards 2023.
If you are an SAISC Member, and your company was involved with this project, please notify Reubenett Andrews (011) 726 6111.

Project Details
Design Challenges • Design for emergency rope load cases – energy release. Uplift on each raking leg base of 1940kN. • Designing a robust, yet light structure which is fit for purpose. • Keeping constructability of steelwork as a key focus area. • Ongoing model reviews with project team. Rigging studies to assess the feasibility of each lift. • Modular approach to design, fabrication and installation Site Based Challenges Safety • Preassembly • Erection of pre-assembled modules • Lifting in close proximity to other site activities Solutions • Headgear specification • Upfront planning with Fabricator and lifting team • Involvement in rigging studies • Design of rigging beams • Witnessing of load tests (Structural Engineer and Site Superv • Monitoring of lifting of each pre-assembled module