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Project Details
Design: Addressed wind load considerations through the implementation of a specialised Shell Structure design solution. Employed unique brackets to securely anchor the Light Weight Steel Structure to the concrete, addressing the distinct requirements of the project. Fabrication: The remote project location mandated on-site fabrication, with Ultra-Span's precision cut-to-length capability proving to be the ideal solution. Executed a complex transportation route, shipping via Spain to Cameroon and subsequently traversing challenging road conditions to reach N'Djamena, Chad. Successfully navigated through a period of political instability in Chad during the project's execution.
Benefits of Steel in this Application

Overall project Cost Saving compared to alternative solutions.
• Achieved cost savings on shipping and transportation.
• Mitigated the point load impact on foundations and ringbeams.
• Streamlined on-site installation and fabrication processes.
• Reduced waste generation.
• Exhibited exceptional durability and longevity.
• Ensured non-combustible properties for enhanced safety.
• Showcased the versatility of Ultra-Span.
• Demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability
by ensuring 100% recyclability of steel at the end of its life.