Steel Construction Handbook (Red Book)

Year Published: 2016

The purpose of this handbook is to assist persons engaging in the design and detailing of structural steelwork to perform the function more easily and efficiently. The handbook contains information, in ready-reference form, relating to the entire scope of steel construction as used in buildings and a large a variety of other typical structures. The handbook will constitute a useful aid to the qualified structural steelwork designer. It is not a textbook, however, and does not contain fundamental engineering theory.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Steel, steel products and section properties
  3. Tension members
  4. Compression members
  5. Flexural members
  6. Bolting and welding
  7. Design of connections
  8. Cold-formed purlins and girts
  9. Composite beams
  10. Crane gantries
  11. Roof drainage
  12. Metal flooring, stairways, ladders, platforms and hand railing
  13. Miscellaneous data
  14. Product Literature