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We are respected as an association for our authority, technical knowledge, and role as the collective voice of the steel construction industry. Our proactive approach and small but dynamic staff compliment enable us to provide insight and support to professionals and companies in the building and construction industry.

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Recent Industry Focused Courses and Events

In the dynamic world of steel construction, the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) is at the forefront, organising a series of courses and events. These initiatives aim to promote knowledge sharing, foster industry collaboration, and empower built environment professionals within the steel sector.

SAISC Design of Warehouse Building Course

The SAISC recently organised an informative Design of Warehouse Building Course. It covered optimising layout, maximising storage capacity, and implementing smart design principles. Attendees learned about space utilisation, aisle configurations, and material handling systems, to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Led by industry experts, this course exemplified the SAISC’s commitment to empowering professionals with expertise in design of innovative and functional warehouse structures, enabling them to tackle real-world challenges and drive efficiency in the logistics landscape.

Learning the art of seismic resilience!


SAISC Seismic Design Course

The SAISC recently hosted an impactful Seismic Design Course. Participants gained comprehensive insights into designing steel structures to withstand seismic forces and learned about best practices in seismic engineering.

The course covered seismic load analysis, selection of suitable structural systems, and robust design strategies. It showcased the SAISC’s commitment to safety and resilience in steel construction, and provided attendees with the knowledge to design structures capable of withstanding seismic events.


Fabrication site visits

Our series of fabrication site visits provided students with a firsthand experience of the steel manufacturing process. Students were given the opportunity to witness cutting-edge technologies, observe skilled craftsmen in action, and gain insights into the intricate world of steel fabrication. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, the SAISC is helping to nurture the talent of today’s students, equipping them with a deep appreciation for the steel industry and paving the way for a future generation of innovative engineers.

Today’s students, tomorrow engineers. Fabrication site visit
TASS Engineering
Today’s students, tomorrow engineers. Fabrication site visit
CADCON Steel Construction and Engineering
The SAISC remains committed to organising courses, events and workshops that promote industry excellence, knowledge advancement, and professional growth. We work continuously to deliver valuable learning opportunities and create platforms for collaboration and innovation within the steel community.

Stay tuned for more exciting training and event initiatives from the SAISC as we strive to elevate the steel industry and empower professionals for a brighter future.


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