Dwarsberg Trout hideaway brief the architect to design pod units for a vacant portion of the farm to be used as guest accommodation. The client initially requested to make use of shipping containers to form the structure. The architect underwent a process of investigating repurposing shipping containers but due to the limitation in design, challenges with transport and the complexity of building with containers, it was suggested working with light steel. The client’s inspiration from shipping containers was used to inform the cladding of the structure and the dark grey charcoal colour was chosen to allow the units to fade in the landscape.

The light steel frame allowed for more freedom in design, construction was simplified since only a few skilled labourers are necessary and the time on site was reduced.

The lightweight steel frame was used to form the structure as this was easy to design off site and assemble on site.

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Physical address of the project   

Street Address



FARM 1/794,
GPS Co-ordinates Dwarsberg Farm 33°47’16.6″S 19°19’47.5″E, Rawsonville, 6845


Project Team Role Company
Nominator Safintra
Client/ Developer Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway
Architect ModH Design
Structural Engineer Frame group
Quantity Surveyor  
Project Manager Spaas
Main Contractor  
Steelwork Contractor  
Steel Erector  
Cladding Manufacturer  
Cladding Supplier  
Cladding Contractor  
Corrosion Protection  
Corrosion Protection  
Paintwork Contractor  
Photographer, Photo competition Peartree
CLADDING (If applicable)
Completion date of cladding July 2019
Cladding profile/ type used Corrugated sheeting
Cladding area coverage External walls & roof.

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