The project entailed the fabrication of complete mobile crushing plant for a mine in Mozambique

Reason why steel (hot rolled/ lightweight/ tubular/ cellular/ Platework) was chosen:

Steel/Platework was chosen as the material of construction due to the industrial nature of the project.

What is special/ unusual/ innovative/ aesthetic about the steelwork/plate work/cladding in this project?

This SMC plant was detailed, fabricated by local South African companies which really showcases the level of experience and expertise that South Africa has.

Green building rating/environmental or sustainability considerations

At Betterect’s fabrication facility in Chamdor Krugersdorp, environmental concerns are kept in the forefront of our minds. All offcuts of steel are collected and recycled.

Special considerations such as the design process, fabrication, transport, and erection

The design of the SMC Plant was undertaken by ThyssenKrupp Germany, however, the detailing of the steelwork/plate work was undertaken by Betterect. The project included the fabrication of over 1 000 parts totaling to close to 950 tons of steelwork, plate work, grating, and hand railing and the pre-assembly thereof.

The fabrication of this steelwork/plate work was extremely labour intensive and required the strictest quality requirements as all welds required 100% non-destructive testing and needed to pass either radiographic or ultrasonic testing. The reason for such high-quality standards was due to the enormous loads/tonnages placed on the steelwork/plate work during operation at the mine in Mozambique.

There were many technical fabrication requirements which included preheating, welding of exotic materials, laser alignment, heavy lifts and more. The steelwork was painted with an industrial three-coat paint specification to withstand the grueling exposure to elements and operational requirements.

The hopper base frame weighed close to 45 tons and required abnormal transport loads to the site, which included police escorts in some area on route to the site due to the size of the equipment.

Challenges and solutions

The large number of loose parts and the uncompromising level of quality were challenges faced on the project.

Satisfaction/ testimony of the client

This was a technically challenging project due to the stringent NDT requirements and the quality level of the fabrication by Betterect was extremely high. Overall, it was a successful project with the equipment currently in operation.

What makes your entry special and different from other entries that may be in your category?

This project was truly a South African Engineering accomplishment and showed the world the capabilities of our fabricators and design houses.

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Physical address of the project Street Address
Moatize Coal Mine,
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Completion date of steelwork 12th December 2019
Completion date of full project 12th December 2019
Tonnage and steel profiles used 920 tons

Project Team Role Company
Nominator Betterect
Client/ Developer ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions
Structural Engineer  ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions
Steelwork Contractor Betterect
Cladding Manufacturer Global Roofing
Cladding Supplier Global Roofing
Cladding Contractor Global Roofing
Paintwork Contractor Betterect

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